Lottery for 2024-25 school year will be held on March 1, 2024. 

Applications received on February 16, 2024, or later will be placed at the bottom of the grade-specific waitlists in the order received.

Public Charter School 

Serving Grades K-8

Before School Care | 7:30am - 8:10am (additional fee)

School Hours |8:30am - 3:20pm

(Drop off: 8:10-8:30am; Pick up: 3:20-3:40pm)

After School Care | 3:40pm - 6:00pm (additional fee)

Monday - Friday | August - June

About Willow Oak Montessori Public Charter School

Willow Oak Montessori Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in grades K through 8. Located in Northeast Chatham County, we admit students from anywhere in North Carolina using an admissions lottery. 

Montessori teachers are trained to observe each child's individual interests and development level. The teachers prepare the classroom so that each child is free to independently choose his/her work throughout the work cycle. Based on her observations, the teacher presents "lessons" to the children from a variety of subject areas.

Children are encouraged to choose and repeat these lessons independently.  Many of the Montessori materials have a "control of error," allowing the child to independently correct his/her own mistakes.  Children can choose to work alone or with friends.

Montessori classrooms also grant children the opportunity to independently care for themselves, their peers, and their environment. The mixed-age environment creates a family-like rather than competitive community.  Because each child typically stays with the same teacher for three years, an incredible bond is formed between the teacher and each member of the community.

1476 Andrews Store Rd., Pittsboro NC