Mission, Values & Vision


Willow Oak Montessori strives to assist children in achieving their unique potential as responsible global citizens by nurturing self-confidence and independent decision making in a stimulating, creative, and diverse Montessori community.

Our Community's Values

Individual Growth

We are passionate about building a learning community that recognizes the unique possibilities of every human being.  We “follow the child” in the classroom, observing each child's interests and using those interests to engage the child and cultivate a life-long love of learning.  We provide diverse opportunities for our students, parents, staff, and board to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities.


We recognize that we are connected to one another, the Earth, and the global community.  We are committed to making choices that reflect our shared commitment to living in harmony with others and our environment.

Peaceful Cooperation

We help one another, actively listen to each other, and enjoy our different ways of being.  We encourage collaboration rather than competition in the classroom and in our dealings with one another and the broader community.  We assume good intentions and strive to resolve conflict in a way that builds peace and trust within our community.

Respectful Care

Our faculty members are trained professionals who take excellent care of our students in partnership with their parents.  Our Board takes care of our faculty through a balance of meaningful professional development, compensation, and benefits.  Our families take care of one another and our faculty in a spirit of caring and mutual respect.

Our Vision

Willow Oak Montessori envisions that through Montessori education our students will develop into thriving individuals that will positively engage and impact the world.

Authentic Montessori

At Willow Oak Montessori, we are first and foremost a Montessori community, passionate about sharing this beautiful educational philosophy with more people in our community.

As such, you will find the following in our school:

For a brief look inside an elementary classroom, please watch this American Montessori Society video by Eric Johnson:

Our Strategic Priorities

Our Annual Report