Student Forms

Required Forms

Emergency Information and Authorized Release 

All families must complete each year.

NC Health Assessment 

Required for kindergarteners and all other students enrolling in a NC public school for the first time.

Permission to Walk/Bike Home From School

Must be completed each year if you would like your student to walk or bike home. 

Additional Heath Forms

Permission to Administer Medication at School

Please complete if your student will take any medication at school, even over-the-counter medications. Medications must be stored in the Nurse's Office or with the classroom teacher (in case of emergency medication).

Asthma Emergency Action Plan

Please complete for students with asthma. Requires parent & physician signature.

Severe Allergy Action Plan

Please complete for students with a severe allergy. Requires parent & physician signature.

Information Changes

Address or Contact Change Form 

Please complete if one or more parent(s)/guardian(s) changes addresses, email address, etc.

Student Preferred Name Change Form 

Let us know if there is a change in your student's preferred name, as indicated on enrollment documents. Preferred names will be displayed on progress reports, EOG/MAP/mClass test reports, class rosters, email addresses, etc. By law, legal name will be on any legal document (such as official transcript).

Student Absences 

Request for Excused Absence for Educational Reasons 

Must be submitted in advance of the absence. Note that for an absence to be excused for educational reasons, the intent of the experience should have been educational from the outset and comparable to that which the student would have experienced in school. 

For excused absences for illness/injury, medical appointment, religious observance or death in family, please email or bring in a note to the Main Office within three days of the absence.